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August 21, 2011 / samgrowdon

Nothing is random

In my past life in Jozi, I was a yoga teacher. A day without a downdog was an average day and teaching was part of my week, I loved watching other yogis get as much pleasure on their mats as I do.

I’ve often said that nothing is random, no moment in your day ‘just happens’, it’s all for a reason and even if you don’t give it a second thought at the time, somewhere down the line these little events make sense.

So when I took a yoga class last week with a yoga teacher who has been to south Africa (to be part of a few workshops at my home studio) it wasn’t random.
It wasn’t random that I started chatting to her, and that she just happens to be the studio manager and it just happened that a few days later there was a ‘recruitment day’ for new teachers… random?
I think not.

So the recruitment day came and I had a 15 minute slot to teach a sample class.
I was nervous.
I taught my Hatha Vinyasa poses the best I could, the feeling of teaching again was awesome. Again watching yogis stretch, lengthen and strengthen their bodies, I felt like I’d been transported back home for a few minutes.
Nothing is random and the language of yoga is universal.
So, did I crack a teaching gig?

Totally! Got the call today, offering me a part time role, perfect!
Thank you Yogi-universe.


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  1. Selly / Aug 21 2011 3:34 PM

    So chuffed!!! Well done missey!

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