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September 5, 2011 / samgrowdon

Twinkle, twinkle…

Saturday was a real ‘passive’ day.

It gets very convenient to be lazy where we live, with a mall right beneath us, a swimming pool next door, an outside playground downstairs and an indoor playground within a 2 minute walk it means we really never need to leave our little bubble to keep the Jackstar occupied.

We decided to try out the indoor kids play area for the first time. The boylet is obsessed with climbing at the moment and I think our coffee table, couch and dining room chairs just aren’t cutting it anymore, never mind they’re probably not the safest for the small guy to be mountaineering on anyway, note to self: must baby-proof flat.

Once again I’m blown away by how much time, effort, design thought and money is spent on creating a children’s area where small humans can climb, jump, read, sit, crawl and generally be occupied for some amount of time and the best part is, there really isn’t much they can do to hurt themselves either.. bonus!

There are “shoe-holes” where your soles can rest while you go barefoot, the flooring is soft and comfy on the knees, there is an igloo filled with toys and colourful stuff to touch & look at. There’s a whole “forest” where you can sit and read as well as learning pods with “Leapfrog” learning equipment for older kids (or for The Jackstar to check his email of course!) and even the walls are covered in little LED lights so they look like stars! It’s amazing!

So much detail has gone into this little child-sanctuary…
I think we’ll be spending lots more time down there as winter approaches!

It's a Gireindeer!

The magical reading forest

hmmm? Which one should I read eat next?

So much ground to cover

Shoe holes

The giant igloo

Just checking my email

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  1. Selly / Sep 5 2011 2:14 PM

    That looks brilliant. Can I move the girls in?

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