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September 22, 2011 / samgrowdon

The Hong Kong Antidote

As I sit here writing this, my head feels a little thick and my vision a bit blurred as the effects of jet lag still haven’t worn off! I keep reminding myself that it is only a 6 hour time difference hoping that these symptoms are all psychological, but I see The Jackstar too seems a bit out of sorts – poor guy! However, its all worth it to have spent an amazing week in France with friends and family celebrating both Raddy’s and Aitchy’s birthdays (Raddy’s being the big 6-0!).

The french countryside really is the antidote to this big asian city – clean air, big blue sky, green cultivated land, farm animals grazing, old buildings and generations of families who have lived in these small towns and villages for hundreds of years. The contrast between the two cultures is incredible, while the french like to preserve the old, restoring and renovating, the Hong kongers like to break it down making way for the new and modern. While the french could learn a a thing or two about modernising the way in which they work and using time more efficiently (I still can’t believe that in this modern age they take two hours of lunch a day!!) the hong kongers could learn to take a little “time-out”, preserve the past and appreciate that the old has a place in a modern society.

What I like most about going to this part of France (The Dordogne) is that time stands still. My favourite town here is Martel – know as La Ville aux sept tours (the town with seven towers), it became famous because of it’s location – directly between the trading routes of Paris and Toulouse. Martel is a medieval town and what is now the tourist office was built in 1280 for the town’s tax collector. Now, every time we visit here we eat at a little pizzeria called Plein Sud on the square, it never changes, the owners – a brother & sister team – are always there and live upstairs from the restaurant, the food is always good and even though it is pizza – the French have made it their own and have included this regions specialties!

We always stay in the same place too… ! A gorgeous old mill (Le Moulin de Malecoste) that has been renovated with love, passion, blood and sweat over the last 11 years by Aitchy & Raddy themselves – if you enjoy the BBC show Grand Designs, then this place is just for you! Check out the website, book & go stay!

á bientôt! Au Revoir!

Martel - town with seven towers

So French!

Our favourite pizzeria

Thin base, french cheese & rocquet... yuuuummmmyyyy!

Simple green salad ...

and beer - who could ask for more!

Even The Jackstar couldn't get enough!

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  1. Andystasia / Sep 22 2011 11:03 PM

    The Jackstar looks just like Handsome M here. Still on for France 2012?

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