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October 7, 2011 / samgrowdon

Hello? Is this foot heaven?

See? So hard to resist when it's calling...

One of the great things about living here are the hundreds of little Massage places in the city.
You needn’t walk more than 100 Meters before you find a whole-in-the-wall with the infamous neon foot sign shouting your name! Generally the places are below or above street level and you end up waking up or down a narrow staircase to get to a mostly dark room. (yes, the thought on how clean it is had crossed my mind, but 5 minutes into it all that caring just disappears!)
The massage ladies are generally very good and most of the time you don’t need to book either, which is super handy if you happen to walk past one and have a spare 45 mins for that much-needed foot rub, also compared to most things here it’s pretty cheap (around 118 bucks) and worth every dollar!
I mean how else are we going to keep our well pedicured, heel-wearing feet free of stress?

"Come, come missy...

Not kidding when I say pretty dark inside ...

Are you a foot angel?

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