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October 8, 2011 / samgrowdon

The wheels on the Bus…



I do love taking the bus. It beats walking on hot humid days or when it’s raining, its better than the over-airconed MTR especially in rush hour when you are crammed up against the door with a fellow commuter’s Dior handbag poking into your back and even though the taxis are cheap they are possibly the most annoying of all public transport – after a trip in a taxi you’re mostly nauseous from the constant jolting due to the bad driver!

So the bus is the best option, if you manage to get the seat on the top right up front it’s the most awesome way  to see the city as well as enjoy the commute, plus you CAN drink on the bus (not like the MTR – no food or drinks allowed!) so I can enjoy by dbl shot short skinny cap whilst appreciating that scenic view around town.
My love of the bus actually started in London a few years back when M’dame Andries and I used to take the double-decker to and from work. We used to rush upstairs to grab the best seats and weren’t shy to show our disappointment had we not scored them. It’s also the best way to get around the morning after a night in the pub – when you’re slightly hung over and can’t face the crowds rushing to work!

Now, each time I get into the bus since The Jackstar came along I can’t help humming the tune “The wheels on the bus…” and think about what the wipers, moms, dads and grannies on the bus are doing – I guess a little different from those nights in the pub!

Hong Kong buses however are pretty un-eco-friendly, and given Hong Kong’s narrow streets and upward climbs it can be a pretty hair-raising experience at times. I read that these gas guzzlers (approx. 4800) are the biggest polluters in the city and that most of them were bought from the UK & Germany in the 80’s & 90’s and are way past their sell-by-date. They are also fitted with bigger and more powerful engines than their European counterparts to climb the hilly routes! Yikes!

Maybe along with inventing a silent vacuum cleaner, eventually we’ll be riding on green buses that can actually purify the air, wouldn’t that be nice?

Till then, I guess I’ll catch you on the 722!



The 722 - Quarry Bay to Central

Upfront with Java in hand

City views from the top deck

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