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April 19, 2012 / samgrowdon

Ay Caramba!!!

Work starts at 9.30, and still most mornings I manage to be late!

Pre The Jackstar days I used to make sure my make-up was painted with precision, hair blow dried and tried never to wear the same style combo twice – seriously, my outfit was modelled on catwalk trends scanned into memory from the pages of Vogue, and a flat shoe was never ever seen on my perfectly manicured feet.
I’d have time to check myself in a full length mirror and even have a few spare minutes to change one or two accessories before darting out the door.
I’ve realized now that those days are a distant memory, the time I used to spend on bathroom preening and wardrobe changes is now devoted to silly games with Mexican hats, cars an puzzles.
Now I often leave the house now with wet hair and if lucky a dash of concealer & even yesterday’s denims (I hear the fashionistas out there screeching in 6-inch heeled horror!) But wait there’s more…  I’ve even found dried biscuits or mushed banana lining the seams of my pants or shoulders after rushing out in a cloud of kisses, high fives, fist pumps and I love you’s!! (All I can say is:  thank you lift mirrors;).
I have no time-boundaries since The Jackstar arrived almost 17 months ago (there are some that will groan that I didn’t have any before him either;) but I’m prepared to endure the wrath of any stern boss and the acusatory eyes from collegues as I walk in late – just to have a few more giggles with that fun, small and sweet Jackstar.
Arriba! Arriba!!


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  1. Hong Kong Directory / Apr 19 2012 6:11 PM

    Kids always come first – good to hear you’ll stick to your guns!

  2. gill cederwall / Apr 20 2012 3:52 PM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post…..and can relate completely!!!!! Although my fashion precision was never quite as accuarate and as on que as yours my Sammy….so it’s all relative and thus the base I started at and where I am now……are cause for concern. It’s now make up in the car, having to wash the hair the night before and hope it stays half decent for the next day, prune and porridge stains and did you say day before jeans!!…..I’m thinking 3 days jeans.
    But I love my Small person and live for every extra moment as you say my friend!!!

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