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April 26, 2012 / samgrowdon

Ferry cruisin’

Beautiful day for a boat ride

It’s a beautiful day!

Surprisingly, as the weather forecast (which I’ve come to learn is never correct) had predicted rain for the next few days and after a spectacular display of lightning, thunder and rain last night that gloomy forecast had me convinced.

However Hong Kong woke to blue skies, sun and a particularly clear day… THE perfect day for a Star Ferry ride!

The star ferry is my favorite HK attraction, from the old-school green plastic seats in the waiting area where the Panda’s of Ocean park beg you to come and visit from a giant billboard to the wooden benches punched with a 5-point star on the boat’s deck, it’s a reminder to slow down and take in the view – an instant soul uplifter.

It has a real old-world feel to it and I imagine generations before me feeling the same emotions as they sat watching the views of the city. The first ferry (called The Morning Star) was started in 1888 to carry passengers from Kowloon to the island across Victoria Harbour. Today there are a few ferries daily that carry approximately 26 million people a year*!

Take the the upper deck ride for 2.50HKD (the lower one is cheaper – with the diesel fragrance thrown in for free) it’s probably the nicest and cheapest thing you can do in this city.

Sit back, smell the sea and enjoy the ride.

Take a seat

Punched into the wooden benches

Twinkle, twinkle

Destination Central piers


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